Introduction Video For 100 Hour Basic Course

Introduction Video For AK Basic Course

Welcome and thank you for signing up to our Applied Kinesiology Seminars basic course of instruction.

Jim and I decided we would like to give you some pre-course information so you can get going more quickly with the course information and start implementing the course content sooner.

We have created a video that introduces you to the concept of Applied Kinesiology and its history.

This way we can start on the course with muscle testing and finding out what is inhibited and how to fix it.

So sit back and enjoy this introduction to Applied Kinesiology and we look forward to seeing you at the first weekend.

Download PDF of Lecture Notes Here

Books Recommended:

Applied Kinesiology: Synopis 2nd Edition

Applied Kinesiology Clinical Techniques for Lower Body Dysfunction

Applied Kinesiology Essentials: The Missing Link in Healthcare

Applied Kinesiology Flowchart Manual

Enjoy and if you have any questions email us at

Here is are two videos that show you how we are going to teach you how to muscles test and errors we see people making when muscle testing

Example of How To Test The Pectoralis Major Clavicular muscle

How To Cheat Muscle Testing