Applied Kinesiology Seminars 2015

Diplomate International College of Applied Kinesiology Dr. Alan JenksAlan Jenks DC DIBAK and Jim Townhill DC DIBAK are excited to begin a positive change in the health care of the Netherlands and Europe.

Health care providers need a reliable tool to help them diagnose, prescribe and treat the most effective options for patients.

Applied Kinesiology Seminars Opleiding

Applied Kinesiology Chart

This can happen using the tool of manual muscle testing based on the system of Applied Kinesiology.

If you are frustrated with your lack of tools and options to help your patients in the most effective way possible then you need Applied Kinesiology and AK needs you.

Patients are getting sicker and more frustrated with the lack of answers for their health problems and Applied Kinesiology gives you that ability to find the right answers for them.

Applied Kinesiology Seminars now in Nederland

This site was developed to keep you up to date on the latest seminars in Applied Kinesiology.

Diplomate of International College of Applied Kinesiology Dr. Jim TownhillThe basic seminar consists of 100 hours of post graduate training and learning so that you can become proficient in manual muscle testing and treating the whole body as it should.

Our first seminars will begin in 2014 and provide Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Fysiotherapeuten, Manueel Therapeuten, Huisartsen and other specialists in the Netherlands the opportunity to learn Applied Kinesiology.

If you are looking to better your diagnostic skills and provide better patient care then look no further then Applied Kinesiology Seminars

What is Applied Kinesiology you ask?

Our good friend and collegue Gary Domby DC DIBAK explains it perfectly!

Applied Kinesiology has a 50 year history with a good solid background in science and evidence.

It is reliable and reporducable in the hands of a well trained practitioner.

Learn from two of the brightest minds in Applied Kinesiology today so that you can get your patients better!

The basic applied kinesiology seminars will be a 3 day event spread out over 4 weekends so that we can cover everything you need to be better.

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