Sock Doc Training and Treatment Workshop – Netherlands

Natural Movement Workshop & TreatmentAre you an injured athlete having trouble getting back into your activity?

Have you reached a plateau or slow decline in your fitness regime?

Are you looking for something to complement your sport and improve your performance and health at the same time?

sock doc steve gangemiThen this is the workshop for you!

Over a course of five days we will train various movement skills outdoors and you will have two personalized assessment and treatment sessions with Dr. Stephen Gangemi.

You will:

  • Move better with less pain
  • Correct metabolic and hormonal issues
  • Deal with old nagging injuries
  • Learn new natural fitness skills and drills to help you become a more efficient athlete
  • Gain a crazy amount of knowledge
  • Become an overall healthier individual
  • Hang out with some fun like-minded individuals

sock doc steve gangemiDates and Locations:

  • June 7-12 2016
  • Maassluis, Netherlands
  • Cost €1380 if you also register for the June Systems Health Care Seminar.
  • This is a special price. If you just want to do the treatment movement workshop then the price is €1500.


Sock Doc London (3)How to Register:

To register fill out the form below. Dr. Alan Jenks will then contact you via email with the rest of the forms to fill out and an invoice to be paid.





For more information about the treatment and the workshop visit the Sock Doc Site

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