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Steve Gangemi Sock Doc

Dr. Stephen Gangemi will be presenting his technique, Systems Health Care, in its entirety over two consecutive weekends in 2016.

This seminar sequence is not to be missed if you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how a patient’s health concerns are interrelated.

The focus will be placed on when to treat a certain area and how to truly provide optimal health care in the most holistic and individualised way to provide immediate and lasting outcomes.

Systems Health Care will bring your diagnostic and treatment skills and confidence as a doctor to the next level!

“Dr. Gangemi is one of the most innovative minds in AK today.”  – Wally Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN


  • Identify primary problems by finding and treating patterns in a systematic and individualized progression.
  • Recognize the difference between compensations and adaptations, and learn how to treat accordingly.
  • Learn how to precisely diagnose health concerns using types I and III muscle tests combined with visceral referred pain patterns and other associated factors.
  • Efficiently treat according to physiological hierarchy so that the health issues remain resolved.
  • Identify when a subluxation is primary or secondary and how to know if you should be adjusting a bone or treating another area.
  • Dr. Steve Gangemi Sock DocLearn comprehensive gait testing and natural movement and rehabilitation exercises to help get you patients moving well without orthotics or other supportive devices.
  • Discover new muscle testing and treatment procedures that you can apply to all patients, as well as biochemistry and nutrition protocols, tips & insights, and a whole lot more.


  • Seminar #1 June 4th and 5th 2016
  • Seminar #2 September 3rd and 4th 2016.
  • Location Van Der Valk Hotel Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Saturday: 9:00-12:30 / 13:30-17:00
  • Sunday 9:00 – 14:30

June conference: €400  €375 if paid before May 1, 2016.

September conference: €400  €375 if paid before August 1, 2016.

*Both conference weekends: €700 if paid before May 1, 2016.


Sock Doc Natural Movement & Treatment Workshop

Dr. Gangemi will be running his popular Sock Doc Training & Treatment Workshop in the week following the June seminar. More info here:…..for those doctors interested in the workshop the cost is reduced to €1380 if paid at the time of registration for the June Systems Health Care Seminar. Space is limited as Dr. Gangemi allows a maximum of eight participants in the workshop.

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Steve Gangemi Sock DocAbout Dr. Gangemi

Dr. Stephen Gangemi, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN is a practitioner of complementary sports medicine and holistic therapies for patients dealing with a variety of ailments. He has authored fourteen original papers for the ICAK and over the past ten years he has developed and taught many doctors and students his technique; Systems Health Care – an innovative AK technique that focuses on treating problems and optimizing health in an integrated fashion. Dr. Gangemi is an ICAK Diplomate, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, and has been in private practice since 1998.

Known as the “Sock Doc”, his websites and attract over 5,000 visitors per day. He is an avid endurance athlete, having finished sixteen Ironman triathlon races, including six Hawaii Ironman World Championships and countless other endurance events. He is currently a dedicated student of many movement methods and is a Level II MovNat Certified Trainer.

Dr. Gangemi conducts Training & Treatment Workshops in the U.S. and Europe focusing on Natural Movement and MovNat principles for athletes seeking to improve performance and heal up injuries. He is Level II MovNat Certified Trainer, an amateur beekeeper, and a father of three often-outside and shoeless children. Dr. Gangemi is barefoot most of the day and always while in his office treating patients. He is also a frequent contributor for Paleo Magazine and

“Systems Health Care has enabled me to use AK in an organized, thorough, and logical way. It’s the most thorough treatment I’ve seen.” – Brett Morgan, DC 

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