Applied Kinesiology Seminars Basic Course of Instruction 2018 – Netherlands

Ever wondered why some patients don’t respond to your treatments?


How about a way to precisely identify the cause of a problem with EVERY patient!

For Alan Jenks and Jim Townhill Applied Kinesiology was the key to unlocking the mystery of the difficult patient and treating the patient with the problem rather than the problem itself.

Both are working in the Netherlands and are certified teaching Diplomates with the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

They are offering a 4 weekend Applied Kinesiology Seminar based on 3 days teaching each weekend following an International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) approved course.

If you are interested in learning a comprehensive system of analysis that unlocks the potential of the human body.

If you find yourself saying, “There has to be a better way!”

You want No guesswork, No maybes, No theories just solid neurology, physiology with extraordinary results then YOU need to sign up for this course.

The Applied Kinesiology basic course of instruction is designed to give you the skills you need to handle every patient in a way that is perfect for their needs.

 Weekend 1 – February 9,10,11 – Treating the whole person, the principles of Applied Kinesiology and systemic structural problems (an introduction to the Cranial / Sacral mechanism).

 Weekend 2 – March 9,10,11 – Treating the whole person, systemic chemical problems, emotional reactions, stress reactions and the glandular / hormonal system.

 Weekend 3 – April 13,14,15  – Treating the whole person, Cranial faults, the emotional side and the acupuncture meridian system.  Local spinal problems.

 Weekend 4 – May 25,26,27– Development and movement patterns. Local problems, treating peripheral joints and local muscle reactions.  Uncovering hidden problems.  International College of Applied Kinesiology Competence test.

For more information contact Sharon Townhill at:
Tel: + 31 26 3613702

‘Early Bird’ Discount
• 1599 Euros(discount of 397 euros)- If you register and pay for the full course before 30th Oct 2017

Standard Course fees
• 1699 Euros (discount of 297 euros) – If you register for the full course and pay before the course starts.
• 499 Euros – standard long weekend seminar price

Please note it is possible to attend individual weekends, but weekend 1 is essential to attend if you have no prior Applied Kinesiology experience.

Course fees include: Lunch / Tea & Coffee / Printed course handout for each weekend / Attendance certificate

For more information contact Sharon Townhill at: or Tel: + 31 26 3613702

Course location:
Parkstaete Zalencentrum, Parkstraat 3-B, 6881 JA, VELP, Gelderland, Nederland
(Please note: there are two towns called Velp in the Netherlands. Therefore please use the post code when navigating to the course or booking your accommodation.)

Hotels close by:
▪ B&B Terre Neuve – Tel: 026 3641701 Mob: 06 54642032
▪ Sandton Hotel de Roskam – Tel: 026 4971277
▪ Best Western Hotel Gieling – Tel: 026 3111150
▪ B&B t’Nieuwe Plein – Arnhem – Tel: 026 7024010
▪ Hotel Old Dutch – Arnhem – Tel: 026 4420792
▪ Holiday Inn Express – Arnhem – Tel: 026 8200070
▪ Best Western Plus Hotel Haarhuis – Arnhem – Tel: 026 4427441

Entry requirements:
Course attendees are required to have degree level education in a medical related subject. Exemptions can sometimes be given on an individual basis if a student is currently studying on a qualifying therapy course at degree level (or higher) but has not yet qualified. Please contact us for further information.

Aim of the course:
To provide diagnostic tools and background information to assist medical practitioners in diagnosis and treatment of patients. The course is provided as continual professional development for primary care practitioners.

Is the course suitable for me:
The course is for professional primary care practitioners (for example: chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and dentists etc).

Course language:
All communication regarding this course and the course itself are given in English.

Duration of course: The full course is split over 4 long weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), which is 12 days in total. Please note, it is possible to attend individual weekends, but weekend 1 is essential to attend if you have no prior Applied Kinesiology experience. Please contact us for further information.

Course timings:
All course weekends are run on the same time schedule:
• Friday: Welcome from 09.30 – Start 10.00 – Finish 17.30
• Saturday: Start 09.00 – Finish 17.00
• Sunday: Start 09.00 – Finish 17.00

Study material:
All essential required study material / course handouts are supplied upon attendance of individual tutoring weekends. The course handouts are included within the price of the course

At the end of the course, only students that have completed the entire course are entitled to take the ICAK test of competence. This is an optional test for students. Students that pass this test can register with the ICAK as a competent practitioner and are awarded an ICAK Test of Competence certificate. This qualification allows the student to become a registered member of the ICAK and it is a requiremnt in order to become registered on the official ICAK website as a competent practitioner. If a student fails the test they may repeat the ‘test of competence’ any number of times (but at a later date).

For more information contact Sharon Townhill at: or Tel: + 31 26 3613702

Download Course Flyer Here

Please click here to see our terms and conditions of course attendance in the Netherlands

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