Applied Kinesiology Seminars In Italy 2015

Applied Kinesiology Milan, Italy 2015

Ever wondered why some patients don’t respond to your treatments?

How about a way to precisely identify the cause of a problem with EVERY patient!

For Alan Jenks and Jim Townhill Applied Kinesiology was the key to unlocking the mystery of the difficult patient and treating the patient with the problem rather then the problem itself.

Both are working in Netherlands and are certified teaching Diplomates the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

They are offering a 7 weekend course based on 2 days teaching each weekend following an International College of Applied Kinesiology approved course syllabus.

  • If you are interested in learning a comprehensive system of analysis that unlocks the potential of the human body.
  • If you find yourself asking there has to be a better way

You want No guesswork, No maybes, No theories just solid neurology, phyisiology with extraordinary results then YOU need to sign up for this course

The class is designed to give you the skills you need to handle every patient in a way that is perfect for their needs.

Applied Kinesiology Seminars in Nederland Basic course of instruction

The seminar details are:-

September 19-20 Session #1 –Treating the whole person, the principles of Applied Kinesiology.

October 17-18 Session #2 –systemic structural problems (an introduction to the Cranial/sacral mechanism). Systemic chemical problems, emotional reactions.

November 7-8 Session #3 – Cranial faults, the emotional side. stress reactions and the glandular/hormonal system.

December 12-13 Session #4 – Acupuncture meridian system. Uncovering hidden problems.

January 23-24 Session #5 – Development and movement patterns.

February 20-21 Session #6 – Local problems, treating peripheral joints and local muscle reactions.

March 5-6 Session #7 – Local spinal problems International College of Applied Kinesiology Competence test.

If you would like to attend please register below by sending an email with your contact details and your qualifications.

Please note that the seminars in Milan are organized via ICAK-Italy.  If you would like to register on the Milan course please send and email to:


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